Mahmood Goodarzi

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Accurate peak load forecasting plays a key role in economical use from energy. Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) has recently applied on short term load forecasting in electrical utilities. The ANN is used to Predicting the relationship between past, current and future peak loads. Conventional systems require various variables from the past factors that can(More)
A major part of the flow field involves no complicated turbulent behavior in many turbulent flows. In this research work, in order to reduce required memory and CPU time, the flow field was decomposed into several blocks, each block including its special turbulence. A two dimensional backward facing step was considered here. Four combinations of the Prandtl(More)
In this paper back-propagation artificial neural network (BPANN) with Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm is employed to predict the limiting drawing ratio (LDR) of the deep drawing process. To prepare a training set for BPANN, some finite element simulations were carried out. die and punch radius, die arc radius, friction coefficient, thickness, yield strength(More)
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