Mahmood Ghanbari

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In this paper, a controller is designed to synchronize two different fractional chaotic systems using sliding mode control. Because of the presence of uncertainty and noise of the system, fuzzy sliding mode control is used to achieve an acceptable synchronization. The results have shown that the performed stability analysis is so efficient. And also the(More)
This paper deals with fractional order systems parameters estimation by use of Co-evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization (CPSO) method. in some cases such as fractional order systems identification in spite of existing different methods, it is difficult to obtain estimation of model structure parameters and generally it leads to solving the with(More)
Reactive power by maintaining voltage stability and reliability of the system plays an important role in the reinforcement of active power transmission support. Reactive power is also an essential element of the transfer process to provide the electric system reliability by minimizing the total cost function. In this paper, chaotic particle swarm(More)
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