Mahmadasraf Abdulhamid Mulla

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Voltage sag is the most important power quality problems faced by many industries and utilities. This paper presents the voltage sag mitigation using DSTATCOM (Distribution Static Compensator). This paper evaluates power balance control algorithm for extracting reference source currents for voltage regulation at PCC (Point of Common Coupling) for DSTATCOM.(More)
In this paper a new control algorithm for a Series Hybrid Active Power Filter (SHAPF) is proposed. With the proposed control algorithm, the series active power filter simultaneously compensates for source voltage unbalance and source current harmonics generated by non-linear loads. The proposed control algorithm is based on the generalised instantaneous(More)
This paper presents a novel generalized topology of a multilevel inverter. The proposed topology is obtained by extending the developed H-bridge topology. The proposed topology is competent to generate the optimum number of output voltage levels by using minimum number of dc voltage sources. The topology offers reduced value of voltage stress on(More)
In the area of active power filtering, with an objective to reduce inverter capacity, the Series Hybrid Active Power Filter (SHAPF) has been taken into account increasingly. Existing method used for controlling SHAPF is either based on detecting source current harmonic or load voltage harmonics. Generalised Instantaneous Power Theory (GIPT) gives simple and(More)
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