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In the extant vertical integration literature, the question of how the firm's portfolio of outsourced work is managed across suppliers has been relatively understudied. We seek to advance this area of research by examining factors that influence how concentrated the firm's outsourcing is among its set of suppliers. Using data on the outsourcing of patent(More)
Partner selection in strategic alliances is an enduring and core question within strategic management. Binary choice models are the dominant empirical methodology used to test rich theoretical models of partner choice. We discuss how recent econometric advances in two-sided matching models may overcome inference limitations of the binary choice models,(More)
The first essay of my dissertation focuses on the incubation stage  the period between introduction of a technological change and its first commercialization  of an industry, which is an understudied phenomenon. It examines firms' technological investments in a nascent industry in anticipation of commercialization, and contributes novel insights to the(More)
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