Mahjoub Dridi

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 This paper addresses the problem of scheduling autonomous vehicles to traverse several adjacent intersections with the consideration of Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communication technology. Due to the combinatorial nature of the control strategy, we decentralize the problem into several isolated intersection control problems and model each of them as(More)
Hammamet-Tunisia " Evaluation and optimization of innovative production systems of goods and services " ABSTRACT: In this paper, we study a novel vehicle sequencing algorithm for an isolated intersection with a new control method. The control method is based on the utilization of Vehicular Infrastructure Integration and the consideration that each vehicle(More)
This paper addresses a vehicle sequencing problem for adjacent intersections under the framework of Autonomous Intersection Management (AIM). In the context of AIM, autonomous vehicles are considered to be independent individuals and the traffic control aims at deciding on an efficient vehicle passing sequence. Since there are considerable vehicle passing(More)
The problem of reducing traffic delays and decreasing fuel consumption simultaneously in a network of intersections without traffic lights is solved by a cooperative traffic control algorithm, where the cooperation is executed based on the connection of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I). This resolution of the problem contains two main steps. The first step(More)