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Owing to the increasing population of elderly patients, a large number of patients with degenerative spondylosis are currently being surgically treated. Although basic measures for decreasing postoperative surgical infections (PSIs) are considered, it still remains among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. The aim of this retrospective analysis(More)
The incidence rate of multiple primary tumors is 37% in all types of cancer. A patient diagnosed with primary cancer is 1.29 times more likely to develop an additional primary cancer when compared with the general population. Furthermore, in patients diagnosed with primary cancer, the possibility of a secondary malignancy in the same or different organ is(More)
Spinal dysraphisms are defined as open and closed dysraphisms. A hemivertebra is a congenital condition seen in 61% of patients with congenital anomalies. The first report of the excision of a hemivertebra was by Royle in 1928. A sixteen-year-old girl was admitted to our clinic with a congenital stain on the waist and a normal neurological examination. No(More)
Cutaneous leiomyomas, which originate in the arrector pili muscles of the skin are rarely seen benign cutaneous tumors. Sometimes familial cutaneous and uterine leiomyomatosis can occur together, an autosomal dominant genetic condition called Reed syndrome or familial leiomyomatosis cutis et uteri. This disorder can be accompanied by malignancies,(More)
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