Mahitha Rajendran

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A chemical behavior of Quercetin as antioxidant and metal chelator has become the subject of intense experimental research. In this paper, we apply a semi empirical approach to study the stability constant of Quercetin with metals like Cd, Pb and Bi. The comparative analysis of the theoretical formation constant of Quercetin-metal complexes with metals with(More)
We describe a draft genome sequence for Pediococcus acidilactici strain D3, a component of multistrain commercial cultures with biopreservative and biocontrol properties in food-based applications. Strain D3 encodes at least one antimicrobial peptide, pediocin AMPd3. The AMPd3-encoding operon exhibits high sequence similarity to the archetype pediocin,(More)
The electronic properties responsible for free radical scavenging and metal chelation of a set of 7 flavonoids compounds were studied. Electronic parameters were calculated using semi empirical PM3 method. The structure activity relationship of OH substitution, C2-C3 double bond, chelation site of flavonoid and related property of antioxidant efficiency,(More)
The authors show that that just as the rest mass and the spin, the electric charge of electron can also be attributed to its confined helical wave structure [1]. It turns out that the fine structure constant is the ratio of the electromagnetic field energy of the electron to its rest mass energy. The magnetic dipole moment of the electron also emerges in a(More)
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