Mahir Dursun

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In recent years, more efficient and positive use of current water resources together with global warming becomes important. New technologies and ideas have been developed for many years to optimal use of water resources especially in agricultural field. Growers irrigate their own areas uniformly. However demand of water, fertilizer and agricultural(More)
In this study, a monitoring system has been designed and implemented for Linear Switched Reluctance Motor (LSRM). Current wave, motor position and movement direction of LSRM was monitored on graphical LCD panel with a microcontroller. Linear incremental encoder was used to show position and movement direction of motor. Current of phases were sensed by(More)
In earlier stage of automatic doors developments, rotary DC motor which has a high torque was preferred for horizontal movement of door. But induction motor (IM) was become widespread by reason of high maintenance cost of DC Motor’s commutator and brushes. However, hysteresis loses of IM couldn’t be ignored. Rotary motion of motor is converted to linear(More)
In this study, presents an implementation of SCADA system to greenhouse control. In the control system, temperature was controlled by using a heat pump android application (HPAA) to increase energy efficient and to decrease harmful effect of greenhouse. Firstly, heat pump placed into the greenhouse system; the values of the heat pump were gathered using(More)
Photovoltaic solar energy has been gaining market share over the years due to lower prices and to a significant incentive from the government. It is a clean, static and promising energy source, and such technology has been applied to various applications. This paper presents a prototype of an automated irrigation system for later installation on the field.(More)
  • Salim Engin, Ahmet Aksoz, Mahir Dursun, Melik Hüseyin Hamidiogullari
  • 2015
This paper proposes a remote control system based on a user and humanoid robot via Bluetooth. A user can control the robot using a C# interface and each parts of robot can be moved independently around the robot about a remote location. Providing motor position change in a mechanical system and automatic controlling of the data from the measuring instrument(More)