Mahima Veeranna Guledgud

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OBJECTIVE Haller's cells or infraorbital ethmoid cells refer to the ethmoidal pneumatization of the superior aspect of the maxillary sinus and floor of the orbit. The clinical importance of these entities initiated this study with an aim to determine the prevalence and characteristics of Haller's cells on panoramic radiographs. METHODS The study group(More)
INTRODUCTION Oral Mucositis is a complex and distinct pathobiologic entity resulting in injuries in mucosa that is a common complication in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy (CT) and radiation therapy (RT). Phytochemicals, such as Curcumin, turmeric extract, has attracted great attention for its therapeutic benefits in clinical oncology due to its(More)
Nevus of Ota, a benign melanocytic pigmentary disorder with rare malignant transformation potential, affects 0.014-0.034% of the Asian and Black population and has a strong predilection for females. It occurs in the area innervated by the first and second division of the trigeminal nerve. Oral manifestation is rarely noted with only 14 cases reported till(More)
AIM To study the eruption pattern of permanent teeth excluding third molars in school children of Mysore, South India. OBJECTIVES To compare the eruption times determined with previous studies. To determine range of variation of the eruption time of each tooth and evaluate if any preponderance exists in the eruption timings of maxillary and mandibular(More)
Intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia or Masson's tumor is a rare reactive disease of vascular origin characterized by exuberant proliferation of endothelial cells notably occurring within blood vessels of head, neck, and extremities. The importance of this entity is its ability to mimic a variety of diseases both benign and malignant in the(More)
Lipoid proteinosis is a sporadic congenital metabolic disorder which is characterized by deposition of hyaline material in dermis, submucosal connective tissue, and various internal organs. It has an extremely low prevalence rate with less than 300 cases reported so far. This progressive disease has a vast spectrum of manifestations ranging from(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study evaluated the reliability and accuracy of panoramic radiographs in the localization of mandibular foramen. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty five Indian dry human adult mandibles constituted the study material. Ten measurements were carried on each of them to evaluate the location of mandibular foramen with respect to adjacent(More)
Ancient Schwannoma is a rare Schwannoma variant which is a painless, slow-growing benign neoplasm of Schwann cell origin. It is relatively a rare tumor in the head and neck region. We report a case of ancient Schwannoma of the tongue in a 38-year-old female patient, who presented with a slowly progressing painless mass over the tongue. Investigatory(More)
“Necessity is the mother of invention”... so goes the age old adage. The insight into the human body has always fascinated man. When diseases and disorders went beyond comprehension, man invented imaging to learn more about the internal architecture of the body. The zeal to gain more information about the underlying disease process compelled researchers, to(More)