Mahima Mehta

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In a multi-cell scenario, the inter-cell interference (ICI) is detrimental in achieving the intended system performance, in particular for the edge users. There is paucity of work available in literature on ICI coordination (ICIC) for relay-assisted cellular networks (RACN). In this paper, we do a survey on the ICIC schemes in cellular networks and RACN. We(More)
This paper investigates the radio resource management (RRM) issues in a heterogeneous macro-femto network. The objective of femto deployment is to improve coverage, capacity, and experienced quality of service of indoor users. The location and density of user-deployed femtos is not known a-priori. This makes interference management crucial. In particular,(More)
Relay deployment in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) based cellular networks helps in coverage extension and/or capacity improvement. To quantify capacity improvement, blocking probability of voice traffic is typically calculated using Erlang B formula. This calculation is based on the assumption that all users require same amount of(More)
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