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From the supplier firm's perspective, a referral is a recommendation from A (the referrer) to B (the potential customer) that B should, or should not, purchase from C (the supplier firm). Thus, as referrals are for a specific supplier firm, they should be viewed as part of the supplier firm's marketing and sales activities. We recognize three types of(More)
In evaluating suppliers in complex purchasing decisions involving custom-ized solutions, purchasing managers must judge the capabilities suppliers have to provide the solutions, a judgment that often includes considerable uncertainty. To reduce this uncertainty, suppliers often ask their existing customers to be reference customers and give a referral to(More)
When plasma membranes prepared from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae were exposed to near-UV radiation, photodecomposition of ergosterol and reduction of ATPase-activity occurred simultaneously. The Vmax for ATPase activity decreased markedly with increasing near-UV dosage while the Km value remained constant. When ATPase solubilized from the plasma(More)
When cells of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae were exposed to near-UV (300-400 nm), their absorption spectra changed slightly within the range 220-300 nm with increasing dosage. Difference spectra, calculated by substracting the curve recorded in cells exposed to near-UV from the curve of unexposed cells, decreased with increasing dosage over a broad(More)
Viscoelastic finite element method was attempted to apply to the removable prosthodontic field. To examine the accuracy of this analysis, the results obtained from creep test of soft lining materials were compared with the calculated results by using this analysis. Stress relaxation in the supporting tissue under the upper complete denture was simulated by(More)
In business-to-business markets, suppliers often ask an existing customer to provide a referral for them (i.e., a supplier-selected referral), in which the supplier selects a referrer to influence a specific potential customer favorably. The selection of the referrer is important because the right referrer providing the right message can generate business(More)