Mahidzal B. Dahari

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This article mainly concerns theoretical research on entropy generation influences due to heat transfer and flow in nanofluid suspensions. A conventional nanofluid of alumina-water (Al 2 O 3-H 2 O) was considered as the fluid model. Due to the sensitivity of entropy to duct diameter, mini-and microchannels with diameters of 3 mm and 0.05 mm were considered,(More)
— Designing a reliable flight control for an autonomous helicopter requires a high performance dynamics model. This paper studies the recurrent neural network nonlinear model identification of a small scale helicopter. We have selected a Nonlinear AutoRegressive with eXogenous Inputs Series-Parallel (NARXSP) network model which identifies the dynamics model(More)
In recent years, some scholars use multiple affiliations in their papers due to financial supports from different institutes and universities that are beyond common collaborations. The organizations are interested in employing highly cited professors to climb their rank in the world. Regarding this important issue, a survey prepared and shared among 300(More)
This paper aims to model the forward and inverse kinematics of a KUKA KR-16KS robotic arm in the application of a simple welding process. A simple welding task to weld a block onto a metal sheet is carried out in order to investigate the forward and inverse kinematics models of KR-16KS. A movement flow planning is designed and further developed into the(More)
This study examined the heat transfer coefficient, friction loss, pressure drop and pumping power needed for the use of nanofluid coolants made of a mixture of suspension of graphene nanoplatelets–silver in water in a rectangular duct. A series of calculations were performed for the coolant volume flow rate in the range of 5000 ď Re ď 15,000 under a fully(More)
The effect of radiation on laminar and turbulent mixed convection heat transfer of a semitransparent medium in a square enclosure was studied numerically using the Finite Volume Method. A structured mesh and the SIMPLE algorithm were utilized to model the governing equations. Turbulence and radiation were modeled with the RNG k-ε model and Discrete(More)
Recently, there has been considerable interest in the use of nanofluids for enhancing thermal performance. It has been shown that carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are capable of enhancing the thermal performance of conventional working liquids. Although much work has been devoted on the impact of CNT concentrations on the thermo-physical properties of nanofluids,(More)
Development of an advanced control system for prostheses (artificial limbs) is necessary to provide functionality, effectiveness, and preferably the feeling of a sound living limb. The development of the control system has introduced varieties of control strategies depending on the application. This paper reviews some control systems used for prosthetics,(More)
Numerical simulation of a geothermal reservoir, modelled as a bottom-heated square box, filled with water-CO2 mixture is presented in this work. Furthermore, results for two limiting cases of a reservoir filled with either pure water or CO2 are presented. Effects of different parameters including CO2 concentration as well as reservoir pressure and(More)