Mahidhar Satyanarayana

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This paper presents analysis and comparison of most commonly preferred pulse width modulation strategies such as PD, POD, APOD PWMs to control the speed of an induction motor by using seven level diode clamped multilevel inverter. Different multi-carrier PWM techniques are investigated for Voltages, currents, apparent power, active power, reactive power,(More)
Pulse-triggered flip-flops are mainly used to improve speed of operation (pipeline speed), though flip-flop robustness and system timing closure are challenging in a wide range of supply voltages. Usually pulse-triggered flip-flops have specific structures and transistor sizes to optimize the system performance. The transistor size, topology, and threshold(More)
In low power renewable systems, a single phase grid-connected converter is usually adopted. This paper deals with a novel five-level converter topology that follows this trend. A review of the state of the art of the five-level topologies and a theoretical power loss comparison with the proposed solution is realized. The proposed converter architecture is(More)
Machine malfunctions are pestilence to all production lines. One fault or malfunction leads to another in a multistage system and faults may also be developed over a long period of time or even suddenly. However manual fault detection techniques are error prone. This paper gives solutions for fault detection by applying Adaptive Genetic Algorithm to train a(More)
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