Mahfuzur Rahman

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The continuous increase of services bandwidth is forcing operators to upgrade their access networks. Fixed access networks are migrating from copper technology and GPON to new optical access networks, whereas mobile networks are migrating from 3G to 4G and in the near future to 5G. However, these migrations are being done in parallel and independently,(More)
This paper addresses the problem of providing different levels of performance guarantee for disk I/O. In typical applications, disk requests are classified into different categories based on the required quality of service (QoS), which is usually characterized by a priority and a deadline for each request. Traditional algorithms usually service all high(More)
Exploration of an exhaustible resource with cost recovery under asymmetric information about cost is modeled and analyzed employing Principal-Agent theory. Allocation of lower than full information level of effort for the high-cost firms is found socially optimal. However, distortion is less in a two-stage process of exploration and extraction
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