Mahfuzur Rahman

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There is an urgent need to develop new antimicrobial drugs especially for combating the rise of infections caused by multi-resistant pathogens such as MRSA and VRSA. The problem of antibiotic resistant micro-organisms is expected to increase disproportionally and controlling of infections is becoming difficult because of the rapid spread of those(More)
OBJECTIVE This study used the InterVA-4 computerised model to assign probable cause of death (CoD) to verbal autopsies (VAs) generated from two rural areas, with a difference in health service provision, within the Matlab Health and Demographic Surveillance site (HDSS). This study aimed to compare CoD by gender, as well as discussing possible factors which(More)
Exploration of an exhaustible resource with cost recovery under asymmetric information about cost is modeled and analyzed employing Principal-Agent theory. Allocation of lower than full information level of effort for the high-cost firms is found socially optimal. However, distortion is less in a two-stage process of exploration and extraction All rights(More)
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