Mahfuzul H. Khan

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Serial cytogenetic studies of bone marrow in a 59-year-old male with a 14-month history of acute myeloid leukemia revealed a Ph1 disomic diploid clone (46, XY, 2Ph1). This clone responded to a cytostatic drug regimen of prednisone, vincristine and daunomycine. A dual population of normal and leukemic cells was observed during the course the disease. Bei(More)
␤-Cell replacement therapy's great promise is that it can safely and effectively restore insulin-independent euglycemia to individuals with diabetes. Although difficult and expensive, modern insulin-based treatment for type 1 diabetes has lead to remarkable improvements in disease prognosis (1–3). Based on recent population based epidemiological studies, we(More)
Bei einem früher wegen Larynx-Carcinoms mit Röntgenstrahlen behandelten Mann trat 3 Jahre später eine Myeloblasten-Leukämie auf. Bei den cytogenetischen Untersuchungen wurden neben dem Vorkommen des Philadelphia-Chromosoms weitere Chromosomenaberrationen in der Gruppe F und G sowie eine Polymorphie des Y-Chromosoms gefunden. In the case reported here, acute(More)
Es wird über einen Fall akuter Erythroleukämie mit G-Trisomie berichtet und die mögliche Bedeutung hereditärer Faktoren für die Manifestation akuter Leukämien diskutiert. The cytogenetic analyses of direct bone marrow preparations in a 53 years old male with acute erythroleukaemia of 9 months disease history, revealed persistently a G-trisomy in a dominant(More)
Serial cytogenetic analyses of 28-year-old male with 28 months history of chronic myeloid leukemia revealed well defined cytogenetic stages characterized by the Ph1 monosomy,-disomy (47,XY,2Ph1) and-trisomy (49,XY,3Ph1,C+), which occured in due succession and were concordant with clinical devolution. Even after the development of lymphoadenopathy and Ph1(More)