Mahfoud Hamada

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Recently, there have been many proposals for objectively analyzing unreplicated factorial experiments. We review these methods along with some earlier and perhaps lesser known ones. New methods are also proposed. The primary aim of this paper is to compare these methods and their variants via an extensive simulation study. Robustness of the various methods(More)
Vision is an important sense for the navigation of mobile robots. Indeed this work presents a solution to an interesting and important problem, i.e. visual beacon detection for mobile robots. The proposed approach is based on a combination of a neural network pixel classifier and the Hough Transform to detect shapes in the incoming images. One of the(More)
In this paper we propose a neuro-mimetic technique relating to the detection of beacons in mobile robotics. The objective is to bring a robot moving in an unspecified environment to acquire attributes for recognition. We develop a practical approach for the segmentation of images of objects of a scene and evaluate the performances in real time of them. The(More)
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