Maheswari Kandasamy

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Ultrastructural studies of the pollen tubes of Nicotiana sylvestris grown in the pistil revealed an extensive development of plasmatubules formed by evaginations of the plasma membrane. The plasmatubules occurred as twisted tubular structures in the periplasmic space along the tube wall and, in cross section, exhibited circular profiles with an outer(More)
The mesophilic strains Aspergillus flavus CFR 10 and Fusarium oxysporum CFR 8 are potent producers of extracellular thermoactive chitinases (endo-chitinase and β-N-acetylhexosaminidase). Chitinases have a wide range of applications in many areas including reclamation of seafood processing chitinous by-products. In the present study, the interactive effects(More)
Measurements of relative quantum yields of Photosystem II and Photosystem I partial reactions and room-temperature chlorophyll a fluorescence of thylakoids in high- and low-salt media showed that the cation-induced changes in the excitation energy distribution were inhibited in the thylakoids isolated from pea plants grown in the presence of sublethal(More)
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