Maheswari Devi

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This article briefly outlines the proposed national epilepsy control program. The content of the article is based on four meetings held by invitation of the Ministry of Health. Invitees by ministry - Drs. D. C. Jain, M. Gourie Devi, V. Saxena, S. Jain, P. Satish. Chandra, M. Gupta, K. Bala, V. Puri, K. S. Anand, S. Gulati, S. Johri, P. S. Chandra, M.(More)
The association of sodium valproate with cognitive functions was studied in 29 patients with complex absence seizures. Seventeen patients were on monotherapy and twelve on polypharmacy with sodium valproate. Cognitive functions assessed were attention, speech, visuo-speciat perception, memory and intelligence. Behavioral disturbances were also assessed. Two(More)
The Pharmacists have a very important role in protecting the health of the customers through proper dispensing of drugs and providing better services. But the errors made in processing prescriptions are growing with the increasing prescriptions. In this scenario we made an attempt to measure the quality of services provided by pharmacists. CFA (Confirmatory(More)
Centronuclear myopathy (CNM), an uncommon condition, is one of the congenital myopathies. It is believed to arise as a result of maturational arrest, with persistence of myotubes postnatally. However, denervation being the basic disease process and its possible influence on central nervous system causing defect in nuclear migration has also been postulated.(More)
Optic Neuritis (ON) proceeds to multiple sclerosis (MS) in a considerable number of patients. The blink reflex (BR) and somatosensory evoked potential (SSEP) are useful non-invasive tests that can detect silent lesions in the central nervous system in patients with clinically suspect MS. In the present study, the BR and SSEP were done in 20 healthy controls(More)
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