Maheshwar Chandrasekar

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Testing the genuineness of a manufactured chip is an important step in an IC product life cycle. This becomes more prominent with the outsourcing of the manufacturing process, since the manufacturer may tamper the internal circuit behavior using Trojan circuits in the original design. Traditional testing methods cannot detect these stealthy Trojans because(More)
Silicon Diagnosis is the process of locating potential defect sites (candidates) in a defective chip. These candidates are then used as an aid during physical failure analysis. It is desired that the cardinality of the candidate set returned by silicon diagnosis be as small as possible. To this end, effective test patterns that can distinguish many faults(More)
AbstractImage deconvolution is the challenging problem in the area of Medical imagery and Remote sensing. Deconvolution mainly consists of reconstructing images from observations provided by optical devices and may include denoising, deblurring or restoration. This paper presents a hierarchical Bayesian model to reconstruct naturally sparsed images which(More)