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Bioremediation of di-n-butyl phthalate (DnBP) in soil was studied with various concentrations in a bioslurry phase batch reactor operated in sequenting batch mode (bioaugmented with effluent treatment plant (ETP) microflora) for a total cycle period of 96h. Process performance during the reactor operation was assessed by monitoring DnBP concentration and(More)
The World-Wide Web provides every internet citizen with access to an abundance of information, but it becomes increasingly difficult to identify the relevant pieces of information. Research in web mining tries to address this problem by applying techniques from data mining and machine learning to Web data and documents. The Web Mining is an application of(More)
The influence of soil-water ratio was studied on the performance of the slurry phase bioreactor operated in sequencing batch mode (anoxic-aerobic-anoxic microenvironments) during the bioremediation of soil contaminated with pendimethalin. The performance of the reactors was evaluated at different soil-water ratios (1:5-1:25; at soil loading rate (60 kg of(More)
Bioslurry phase reactor was used for the degradation of pendimethalin, a pre-emergence herbicide in the contaminated soil under aerobic environment. More than 91% degradation of pendimethalin was observed for 5 days of reactor operation augmented with sewage from effluent treatment plant (ETP). The performance of the reactor was monitored regularly by(More)
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