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As reducing impulse noise in a digital image is a very active research area in image processing, this paper proposes a novel algorithm for digital image impulsive noise detection and reduction based on adaptive nonlinear techniques which seems to be a boom in digital image restoration process. The main objective of this algorithm is to consider a particular(More)
The emergence of Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) has opened up new avenues for the use of computers in education. ITSs are able to tackle difficult instructional problems and extend the usefulness of the computer as an instructional tool. This paper presents the work done on some aspects of the design and implementation of Intelligent Tutoring System for(More)
The reliability of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is affected by faults that may occur due to various reasons such as communication link failure, malfunctioning hardware, software glitches, dislocation or environmental hazards. A WSN that is not prepared to deal with such situations may suffer from a reduction in network lifetime or lead to hazardous(More)
Cloud computing is defined as the process of providing IT related computing capabilities on demand based on Pay as you use system. Since Virtualization is the fundamental of Cloud computing, it is necessary to have more knowledge to avoid attacks, intrusions and system failures. This technology enables the creation of logical resources (instances) and make(More)
For making Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) more energy efficient swarm intelligence is used as a base and the clustered based approach as Bee-Ad Hoc-C which is an evolution from Bee-Ad-Hoc has been chosen as the best method in our previous work along with Stable Cluster Maintenance Scheme. In the proposed method parallel routing has been considered to improve(More)
Image pre-processing is a basic step for any image based applications. It is a technique to enhance quality of the images captured from cameras or sensors, aircrafts and space probes or pictures taken for various applications in normal day-to-day life. The accuracy of this technique must be significantly high in order to ensure the success of the subsequent(More)
Clustering in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) is an important method to management and routing in such networks. Once the clusters are created, the manger (coordinators) of the clusters may be used to form a backbone for efficient routing and communication purposes. A set of clusters may also provide the underlying physical structure for multicast(More)
Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is one of the most important and unique network in wireless network which has brought maximum mobility and scalability. It is suitable for environments that need on fly setup. A lot of challenges come with implementing these networks. The most sensitive challenge that MANET faces is making the MANET energy efficient at the same(More)