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Transcriptomic identification of starfish neuropeptide precursors yields new insights into neuropeptide evolution
Neuropeptides are evolutionarily ancient mediators of neuronal signalling in nervous systems. With recent advances in genomics/transcriptomics, an increasingly wide range of species has becomeExpand
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Diploidization and genome size change in allopolyploids is associated with differential dynamics of low- and high-copy sequences.
Recent advances have highlighted the ubiquity of whole-genome duplication (polyploidy) in angiosperms, although subsequent genome size change and diploidization (returning to a diploid-likeExpand
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Discovery of a novel neurophysin-associated neuropeptide that triggers cardiac stomach contraction and retraction in starfish
SUMMARY Feeding in starfish is a remarkable process in which the cardiac stomach is everted over prey and then retracted when prey tissue has been resorbed. Previous studies have revealed thatExpand
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Development and automation of a test of impulse control in zebrafish
This paper describes a fully-integrated automated system for testing impulsivity in adult zebrafish. Expand
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