Mahesh R Patel

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We investigated whether: (1) EEG recordings could be successfully performed in an MRI imager, (2) subclinical epileptic discharges could be used to trigger ultrafast functional MRI images, (3) artifact-free functional MRI images could be obtained while the patient was having the EEG monitored, and (4) the functional MRI images so obtained would show focal(More)
OBJECTIVE We assessed CT-guided percutaneous injection of fibrin glue to manage meningeal cysts of the sacral spine in patients with back pain. CONCLUSION All patients experienced resolution or marked improvement of symptoms for as long as 23 months after fibrin glue therapy. No patients experienced recurrence of symptoms during the follow-up interval.(More)
Arterial dissection occurs when an intimal tear allows blood to enter the arterial wall, potentially compromising the lumen and reducing blood flow. Carotid and vertebral artery dissections typically occur after major trauma, although they also can arise spontaneously or after trivial injury. Arterial dissection has been associated with a variety of(More)
BACKGROUND MRI has become increasingly used in the acute setting to manage patients with stroke. There has been concern that MRI may not be sensitive in the detection of acute intracranial hemorrhage. We assessed whether strongly susceptibility-weighted MRI would be sensitive to intraparenchymal hemorrhage in the first few hours. CASE DESCRIPTIONS In the(More)
INTRODUCTION The GH-IGF axis has profound effects on bone metabolism and may be important in the etiology of idiopathic osteoporosis. Serum IGF-I is often low in men with osteoporosis, which may be attributable to GH hypo-secretion or hepatic GH insensitivity. We studied the GH-IGF axis in depth to look for evidence to support these hypotheses. MATERIALS(More)
PURPOSE To assess CT-guided injection of fibrin glue for the management of lumbosacral cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks. METHODS Six consecutive patients with postoperative CSF leaks were treated after CSF aspiration under CT guidance. A solution of cryoprecipitate was simultaneously injected with a 10% calcium chloride solution containing 2000 units of(More)
PURPOSE To compare an ultrafast T2-weighted (half-Fourier acquisition single-shot turbo spin-echo [HASTE]) pulse sequence with fast spin-echo T2-weighted sequences in MR imaging of brain lesions. METHODS Fast spin-echo and HASTE images of 34 consecutive patients over the age of 50 years or with suspected demyelinating disease were reviewed independently(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The role of functional MR (fMR) imaging in the evaluation of patients with epilepsy has not been systematically studied. Our purpose was to identify the fMR correlates of interictal epileptiform discharges. METHODS Twenty patients with epilepsy and frequent interictal discharges were studied with concurrent EEG monitoring on a 1.5-T(More)