Mahesh Palekar

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A project concerned with applying Dynamic Data Driven Application Simulations (DDDAS) to monitor and manage surface transportation systems is described. Building upon activities such as the Vehicle-Infrastructure Integration initiative, a hierarchical DDDAS architecture is presented that includes coupled in-vehicle, roadside, and traffic management center(More)
An ad hoc distributed simulation is a collection of autonomous on-line simulations brought together to model an operational system. They offer the potential of increased accuracy, responsiveness, and robustness compared to centralized approaches. They differ from conventional distributed simulations in that they are created bottom-up rather than top-down.(More)
Biopsies from normal and malignant human oral epithelium were studied electron histochemically using lanthanum nitrate for a selective demonstration of junctional complexes at the plasma membrane of adjacent cells. The heavy metal complex was found to settle irregularly, sometimes in intimate proximity to the epithelial cell, in areas corresponding to the(More)
This paper presents a detailed measurement study of short range communications between vehicles and between vehicles and roadside stations in a realistic highway scenario. We show the expected wireless communication characteristics in a driving environment and identify factors that significantly affect communication performance. We also illustrate the(More)
We describe DSphere - a decentralized system for crawling, indexing, searching and ranking of documents in the World Wide Web. Unlike most of the existing search technologies that depend heavily on a page-centric view of the Web, we advocate a source-centric view of the Web and propose a decentralized architecture for crawling, indexing and searching the(More)