Mahesh M. Goyani

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Many multimedia applications and entertainment industry products like games, cartoons and film dubbing require speech driven face animation and audio-video synchronization. Only Automatic Speech Recognition system (ASR) does not give good results in noisy environment. Audio Visual Speech Recognition system plays vital role in such harsh environment as it(More)
In this paper, we propose an algorithm to detect semantic concepts from cricket video. In our previous work, we have proposed key frame detection based approach for semantic event detection and classification. The proposed scheme works in two parts. In first part a top-down event detection and classification is performed using hierarchical tree. In second(More)
content based image retrieval (CBIR) considers the characteristics of the image itself, for example its shapes, colors and textures. CBIR has many applications areas such as, education, commerce, military, searching, bio medicine and web image classification. The domain of CBIR is expanding day by day, the requirements have become complex and so are the(More)
653  Abstract— Facial Expression Recognition (FER) is a rapidly growing and ever green research field in the area of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligent and Automation. There are many application which uses Facial Expression to evaluate human nature, feelings, judgment, opinion. Recognizing Human Facial Expression is not a simple task because of some(More)
At the leading edge of the information world everything is in available in form of digital media. Digital watermarking was introduced to provide the copy right protection and owners’ authentication. Digital video watermarking is the process to embedding a digital code into digital video sequences. Digital video watermarking nothing but a sequence of(More)
Image compression is to reduce irrelevance data and redundancy of the image data in order to be able to store or transmit data in an efficient form. Image compression scheme either be in lossy method or lossless method. Lossy algorithms are especially suitable for transmit images across the network with minor (sometimes imperceptible) loss of fidelity of(More)
In this paper, we have discussed dimensionality reduction techniques for face recognition - Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and Fisher Discriminant Analysis(FDA). Both the methods are based on linear projection, which projects the face from higher dimensional image space to lower dimensional feature space. PCA derives the most expressive features (MEF)(More)
In this paper, the exploration of new face recognition technology that is 3D face recognition is being analyzed. Face Recognition is widely used for security at many places like airport, organizations, many devices etc. The challenges faced in 2D face recognition technology is been solved through various approaches mentioned in the paper. The various(More)