Mahesh Krishnaiah

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OBJECTIVES Persistent leakage from a gastrocutaneous fistula (GCF) created for the purpose of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube placement is a common problem in elderly patients. Conservative methods often prove unsuccessful and surgical closure is usually not performed because of poor surgical risk. With advances in endoscopic technology,(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Atpresent there are no guidelines for colonoscopy surveillance interval in subjects with unsatisfactory bowel preparation. Study was designed to compare outcomes of repeat colonoscopy at different surveillance intervals in patients with unsatisfactory preparation on index exam. METHODS Ten thousand nine hundred and eight colonoscopies were(More)
Advances in endoscopic and surgical techniques have increased the frequency and complexity of these procedures and associated complications such as gastrointestinal perforation. With the advancements in the field of gastroenterology, the promising use of an over the scope clips (OTSC) has fulfilled the unmet need for a reliable endoscopic devise in(More)
Biliary endoprostheses continue to demonstrate their utility and simplicity in daily therapeutic endoscopy. However, the transient nature of these foreign bodies also underscores their potential detrimental effects even after successful deployment. Stent related factors, such as type, length and caliber offer potential avenues to minimize the risk of(More)
BACKGROUND Advances in endoscopic and surgical techniques have increased the frequency and complexity of these procedures, and thus, the incidence of associated complications. AIMS To describe the use and clinical applications of the Over the Scope Clip (OTSC) system. METHODS An English language literature search was conducted using the key words(More)
CONTEXT Solid-pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas is a rare tumor which usually affects young females in their second and third decade of life. Metastasis is very rare after a resection of curative intent. CASE REPORT We report a case of a 65-year-old white female who presented with metastasis to the liver four years after Whipple's resection for a(More)
Splenic injury is an uncommon complication of colonoscopy. Less than 100 cases are reported in the English language literature. The exact mechanism of injury to the spleen during colonoscopy is unknown; various authors propose several risk factors and possible mechanisms. Splenic injury can be graded or classified according to the extent of laceration and(More)
A case of a biliopleural fistula with a biloma occurring after superselective hepatic transarterial chemoembolization ablation of a metastatic hepatic carcinoid is described. The presentation was complicated by choledocholithiasis. The biloma was successfully treated with endoscopic drainage.
BACKGROUND Development of persistent gastrocutaneous fistula and leakage after the removal of a PEG tube is a well-known complication. Various treatments including medications to alter gastric pH, prokinetic agents, endoscopic clipping/suturing, electric and chemical cauterization, argon plasma coagulation, and fibrin sealant, have been used with variable(More)
OBJECTIVES The Over-The-Scope-Clip (OTSC) has had an evolving role in endoscopic closure of gastrointestinal wall defects, in hemostasis of primary or postinterventional bleeding, and approximation of postbariatric surgery defects. Rapid and effective closure of gastrocutaneous (GC) fistulae using this device has been recently described in the literature.(More)