Mahesh K. Mishra

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This paper introduces a new concept of optimal utilization of a unified power quality conditioner (UPQC). The series inverter of UPQC is controlled to perform simultaneous 1) voltage sag/swell compensation and 2) load reactive power sharing with the shunt inverter. The active power control approach is used to compensate voltage sag/swell and is integrated(More)
—The distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) is used for load compensation in power distribution network. In this paper, a new topology for DSTATCOM applications with nonstiff source is proposed. The proposed topology enables DSTATCOM to have a reduced dc-link voltage without compromising the compensation capability. It uses a series capacitor along with(More)
—In this paper, load compensation techniques under unbalanced and distorted voltages have been discussed. Two kinds of compensation methods are considered. In the first category, synchronous detection and modified equal current strategies are used under the unbalanced but sinusoidal source voltages. In the second method, load compensation based on(More)
• This Project examines the feasibility of integrating large-scale battery energy storage systems in the Toronto distribution network. The battery system with high efficiency power converters will be studied to provide reliable and uninterrupted energy supply, to smooth skewed consumption pattern (more in day and less in night); and to defer the upgrading(More)