Mahesh H. Pandya

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In this paper, the Renewable Energy Resources (RES) are used in a specific small area which is known as microgrid. Microgrid consists of microsources, battery storage and loads. In this paper the research is focused on the islanded mode microgrid. In the microgrid, the energy management system having a problem of Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) and it is(More)
In this paper, a novel nature-inspired optimization algorithm based on the navigation strategy of Moths in universe called the Moth-Flame optimization (MFO) Algorithm, is applied for constrained optimization and engineering design problems. A comparative analysis of MFO algorithm expresses the optimum functional value in term of accuracy and standard(More)
In this paper, Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator (D-STATCOM) using a control strategy based on instantaneous symmetrical component theory, has been utilized to provide reactive and real power compensation in the distribution line. Reactive power compensation is required in the distribution line to reduce the reactive power burden and to mitigate(More)
BACKGROUND: Our aim is to check effectiveness of intravenous Levosimendan in comparison with intravenous Milrinone in congenital heart surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 50 Paediatric patients between 2 months to 12 years of age divided into two groups. Group L (n=25) received inj. levosimendan 12μg/kg over 10 minutes1 after cross(More)
This paper discusses the improvement in power quality of distribution line using a distribution FACTS device known as Distribution Static Compensator (D-STATCOM). The major power quality issues like voltage sag and harmonics are addressed in this paper. The intermittent switching of heavy non-linear loads results in voltage sag and harmonics in distribution(More)
In The main ambition of utility is to provide continuous reliable supply to customers, satisfying power balance, transmission loss while generators are allowed to be operated within rated limits. Meanwhile, achieve this purpose emission value and fuel cost should be as less as possible. An allowable deviation in fuel cost and feasible tolerance in fuel cost(More)
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