Mahesh Chandra

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Nitric oxide (NO) is an intra-and extracellular messenger that mediates diverse signaling pathways in target cells and is known to play an important role in many physiological processes including neuronal signaling, immune response, inflammatory response, modulation of ion channels, phagocytic defense mechanism, penile erection, and cardiovascular(More)
—This paper introduces and motivates the use of hybrid robust feature extraction technique for spoken language identification (LID) sys tem. The speech recognizers use a parametric form of a signal to get the most important distinguishable features of speech signal for recognition task. In this paper Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC), Perceptual(More)
An image compression method using the wavelet transform, zero tree coding and adaptive arithmetic coding has been proposed. Here a novel static zeroth order adaptive arithmetic coder is being explored to improve the compression ratio. The proposed method decomposes an image into several subband images using the discrete wavelet transform, decorrelated(More)
A super-mean filter (SUMF) is proposed to remove high density salt & pepper noise from digital images. The proposed filter works in two stages, in the first stage the noisy pixels are detected and in the second stage each noisy pixel is replaced by the mean value of noise free pixel of 2×2 matrix. Extensive simulation and experimental results shows that the(More)
This paper proposed an efficient algorithm for contrast enhancement of natural images. The contrast of images is very important characteristics by which the quality of images can be judged as good or poor. The proposed algorithm consists of two stages: In the first stage the poor quality of an image is processed by modified sigmoid function. In the second(More)
—This paper presents removal of additive gaussian noise by complex double density dual tree discrete wavelet Transform. However, wavelet coefficients of natural images have significant dependencies. For many natural signals, the wavelet transform is a more effective tool than the Fourier transform. The wavelet transform provides a multi resolution(More)