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Bioactivity-guided isolation of cytotoxic constituents from three medicinal plants
Abstract Context: The ethanol extracts and their fractions of three Indian medicinal plants, Ervatamia coronaria (Jacq.) Stapf, (Apocynaceae), Mimosa pudica L. (Mimosaceae) and Caesalpinia bonducExpand
Bioactivity guided isolation of cytotoxic terpenoids and steroids from Premna serratifolia
Abstract Context: Despite several phytochemical studies of Premna serratifolia Linn. (Verbenaceae), the isolation of active constituents of this plant remains to be explored. Objective: The studyExpand
Screening of Indian medicinal plants for cytotoxic activity by Brine Shrimp Lethality (BSL) assay and evaluation of their total phenolic content
Objective: Plant-derived cytotoxic constituents and polyphenolic compounds have played an important role in the development of clinically useful anticancer agents. In this context, we have selectedExpand
Cytotoxic activity of isolated constituents from leaves of Premna serratifolia on MCF-7 and HT-29 cell lines
Premna serratifolia (Syn: Premna integrifolia ) is an important medicinal herb known as “Agnimantha” in Ayurveda and traditionally used for anticancer activity. The objective of present study was toExpand