Mahesh Bakshi

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We study the problem of finding an efficient schedule for convergecast in a wireless sensor network, using the SINR model of interference, and a TDMA protocol for medium access. We compare two approaches to computing a minimum length schedule for the TDMA frame. In the first approach, called the TC-approach, a multi-set of transmission configurations that(More)
We address the problem of minimizing TDMA frame length in a wireless sensor network charged with monitoring a given set of targets. The problem reduces to finding a minimal set of so-called configurations that delivers data from the targets to a specially designated sink node, where each configuration is a set of links that can transmit concurrently without(More)
An important application of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is target monitoring: sensors monitor a set of targets, and forward the collected data using multi-hop routing to the same location, called the sink. The resulting communication pattern is called ConvergeCast. Several researchers studied the problem of assigning TDMA time slots in order to minimize(More)
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