Maher Salem

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This study looked at echocardiographic predictors of left ventricular outflow obstruction after primary neonatal repair of interrupted aortic arch and ventricular septal defect. Results of this study indicate that the only significant independent predictor of left ventricular outflow obstruction is aortic valve diameter; all patients with an aortic valve(More)
OBJECTIVE Pilonidal sinus is a disabling nuisance in young adults, yet its management remains controversial. METHODS Patients admitted to Prince Abdulrahman Sudery Hospital, Al Jouf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, over a period of 10-years from January 1990 to December 1999 were evaluated in this retrospective study. We compared 2 most commonly performed(More)
Experiments were performed on 14 fentanyl-pentobarbital-anesthetized dogs to assess changes in myocardial oxygen supply/demand relations during intravenous infusions of phenylephrine (2.8 Myocardial blood flow was measured with radioactive microspheres. Myocardial oxygen and lactate extraction were determined. Myocardial oxygen(More)
In intrusion detection systems, classifiers still suffer from several drawbacks such as data dimensionality and dominance, different network feature types, and data impact on the classification. In this paper two significant enhancements are presented to solve these drawbacks. The first enhancement is an improved feature selection using sequential backward(More)
The increasing demand for wireless communication introduces efficient spectrum utilization challenge. To address this challenge, Cognitive Radio (CR) has emerged as the key technology, which enables opportunistic access to the spectrum. However, security is a very important issue but not well addressed in CR networks. In this paper, we focus on security(More)
During the widening of information technology, the need to a framework that efficiently constructs connection vectors from online data flow for evaluating intrusion detection models has become fundamental. Moreover, known datasets in intrusion detection are either outdated or offline aggregated. Therefore, these datasets are not adequate for performance(More)
Processing massive data flow in intrusion detection systems (IDS) become a serious challenge. It is considered as a major deficiency while handling heterogeneous and non-stationary data stream to uncover anomaly in the online operational mode. This paper proposes a novel online method that constructs connections from the massive data flow for evaluating IDS(More)
Large computer and communication networks lead to the generation of massive data flows. The difficulty of analyzing and managing these data in network security degrades the online detection of intrusion and suspicious connections. To overcome this problem, we present a comprehensive model that handles the traffic of computer networks and uncovers intrusions(More)
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