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This paper presents a new algorithm MP (multiple pass) to synthesize large reversible binary circuits without ancilla bits. The well-known MMD algorithm for synthesis of reversible circuits requires to store a truth table (or a Reed-Muller-RM transform) as a 2n vector to represent a reversible function of n variables. This representation prohibits synthesis(More)
This paper presents a synthesis algorithm, Covering Set Partitions (CSP), for reversible binary functions with no ancillary (garbage) bits. Existing algorithms are constrained to functions of small number of variables because they store the entire truth table of 2n terms in memory or require a huge amount of time to yield results because they must calculate(More)
In this paper we present improvements to the cost of quantum circuits implemented with 2n-lines circuit implementation. The 2n-line circuit implementation is intended for the linear nearest neighbor quantum circuits and implements any quantum circuits in such manner that they can be directly mapped to quantum implementations. In this paper we propose a(More)
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