Maher Ben Jemaa

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Mobility management in IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee networks is not efficiently handled. This paper presents an enhanced approach for mobility management of end devices in IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee cluster tree network related to a backbone network. This approach anticipates link disruption and does not require scanning neighbor cells. It is based on the link quality(More)
In the era of mobile and wireless networks, the growing complexity of end devices and the accentuated tendency towards miniaturization of them raise new security challenges. Authentication is a crucial concern in resource constrained environments, and despite the great number of existing EAP methods, as explained in the article, we are still in need for EAP(More)
This paper presents our participation in medical image retrieval task of ImageCLEF 2012. Our aim is to study the effectiveness of using conceptual indexing comparing to word indexing in medical image retrieval. For this aim, we have used in the one hand the Terrier tool for textual indexing and for textual retrieval, and on another hand, the MetaMap tool(More)
The IEEE 802.11n standard promises to extend today’s most popular WLAN standard by significantly increasing reachability, reliability, and throughput. Ratified on September 2009, this standard defines many new physical and medium access control (MAC) layer enhancements. These enhancements aim to provide a data transmission rate of up to 600 Mbps. Since June(More)
The implementation of complex embedded applications requires a mix of processor cores and HW accelerators on a single chip. When designing such complex and heterogeneous System on Chip (SoCs), the HW/SW partitioning needs to be made prior to refining the system description. Traditional system partitioning is generally done at the early stage of system(More)
The lack of semantics in WS-SecurityPolicy (WS-SP) hampers the effectiveness of matching the compatibility between WS-SP assertions. To resolve this problem, we present in this paper a semantic approach for specifying and matching the security assertions. The approach consists in the transformation of WS-SP into an OWL-DL ontology and the definition of a(More)
A learning-automaton-based method for fuzzy inference system identification MOHAMED CHTOUROU a , MAHER BEN JEMAA b & RAOUF KETATA c a Laboratoire d'Electrotechnique et d'Automatique (LETAU), Département de Génie Electrique , ENIS, B.P.W , Sfax-Turrisie, 3038 b Département de Génie Electrique , ENIS, B.P.W , Sfax-Turrisie, 3038 c Institut National des(More)