Maher Abu Eid

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Ion chromatographic techniques were investigated for the separation and the quantitative determination of some rare earth elements (REEs) in monazite and xenotime minerals. The influences of selected eluents containing complexing acids including oxalic and alpha-hydroxy isobutyric acid (alpha-HIBA) on the retention and hence the separation efficiency of(More)
Paravertebral lumbar muscles are important for spine stabilization and mobility. They may be abnormal in several disorders that may be associated with pain or functional impairment. Special attention should be paid to the paravertebral muscles during imaging, so that a possible muscular disease is not overlooked, especially in patients with low back pain.(More)
In living patients brain metastases of prostate cancer are extremely rare (1 %), generally occurring in end-stage disease when the tumour has already spread widely to the skeleton, pelvic or intraabdominal lymph nodes, lungs and liver [1, 2]. We illustrate the findings of an exclusive cerebellar metastasis from prostate cancer detected by F-fluorocholine(More)
We compared the sensitivity of T2-weighted spin-echo (FSE) and fast short-tau inversion-recovery (fSTIR) sequences in detection of multiple sclerosis of the spinal cord in 100 consecutive patients with clinically confirmed multiple sclerosis (MS); 86 patients underwent also brain MRI. In all, 310 focal lesions were detected on fSTIR and 212 on T2-weighted(More)
A good examination in facial nerve imaging (CT or MR imaging) depends on a good knowledge of anatomy. Two clinical situations must be considered: imaging of patients with or without facial palsy. CT and MR imaging are very useful when the symptoms are atypical or progressive: MR imaging gives very good information about the facial nerve inflammation but may(More)
Two rapid assay procedures based on high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and derivative ultraviolet (UV) spectrophotometry have been developed for the simultaneous determination of amoxycillin and dicloxacillin in two-component capsule formulations. The HPLC determination was carried out on a reversed-phase C8 column with use of a mobile phase(More)
تتم ةيكرح ةسارد بكارتم مادختساب نييمأ ضمحك ينتسسلا بكرم ةدسكأ [Fe(Fz)2] يثلاثلا ديدلحا نويأ نم نوكلما نيزورفلا ةقيسن عم طبنرم HFz ب ،يضحم طسو في مادختسا ةرارح ةجرد دنع ةيفيطلا قرطلا ٣٦ ه م . لىولأا لعافتلا ةبتر فورظ تتح لضافتلا ةعرس ةقيرط ةساردلا في تمدختسا سح امك ،ةبذاكلا ب ينب ةيئيزلجا ةبسنلا ةميق ت ةقيسنلا HFz بوج ةقيرط مادختساب ةدح ىلع لك ينتسسلا بكرم(More)
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