Maher A. Sughayer

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Desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma is a rare superficial supratentorial tumor that occurs within the first two years of life. Despite the worrisome radiological and histological appearance, the tumors are often curable following gross total resection. Tumors with similar characteristics are exceedingly rare in the noninfantile population. We present a(More)
The management and prognosis of breast cancer nowadays require the evaluation of Estrogen (ER), Progesterone Receptors (PR) and HER2/neu. Ethnic variation in the expression of these receptors is well documented. The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of ER, PR and HER2/neu among Jordanian women with breast cancer of ductal and lobular types. A(More)
AIMS To study the expression of the endothelial and inducible isoforms of nitric oxide synthase (eNOS and iNOS, respectively) in human bladder carcinoma and schistosomal bladder disease, and to compare it with normal adult and fetal urothelium. Nitric oxide is thought to play a complex role in human carcinogenesis, but has only recently been investigated in(More)
The human IGF2 P3 and P4 promoters are highly active in a variety of human cancers. We here present an approach for patient oriented therapy of TCC bladder carcinoma by driving the diphtheria toxin A-chain (DT-A) expression under the control of the IGF2 P3 and P4 promoter regulatory sequences. High levels of IGF2 mRNA expression from P3, P4 or both(More)
The t(14;18) translocation is the most distinguishing molecular finding in follicular lymphoma (FL). However, the reported frequencies of t(14;18) in FL show significant variation, which is often attributed to geographical and/or methodological factors. The methods used to detect t(14;18) include Southern blotting, conventional cytogenetics, fluorescent in(More)
Insulinomas are rare tumors with an estimated incidence of one per 250,000 person-years. Most insulinomas are benign with less than 10% demonstrating malignant behavior, the vast majority of which occur in adults. A systemic review of the literature revealed only nine cases of malignant insulinomas occurring in children. Herein, we present a case of(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this article was to evaluate therapeutic outcomes of elderly patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) treated by surgery followed by combined modality therapy and compare achievable outcomes to those of a younger age population. METHODS AND MATERIALS Seventy-eight adult patients with histologically confirmed grade IV(More)
AIMS To investigate the expression of the imprinted oncofetal H19 gene in human bladder carcinoma and to examine the possibility of using it as a tumour marker, similar to other oncofetal gene products. METHODS In situ hybridisation for H19 RNA was performed on 61 first biopsies of bladder carcinoma from Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem. The intensity(More)
Pilocytic astrocytoma (PA) is one of the most common glial neoplasms in the pediatric population, and its gross total resection can be curative. Treatment of partially resected or recurrent tumors is challenging, and the factors associated with increased recurrence risk are not well defined. Identification of favorable and unfavorable factors can lead to a(More)
One year after receiving a liver transplant and 2 months after treatment with high doses of steroids and monoclonal anti-CD3 for an episode of rejection, a 38-year-old woman developed a skin papule above the left medial malleolus. The papule, which at first had an annular shape, evolved into a pustule, ulcerated, drained, and assumed a crusted verrucous(More)