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Paediatric elbow biepicondylar fracture dislocations are very rare injuries and have been only published in two independent case reviews. We report a case of 13 years old boy, who sustained this unusual injury after a fall on outstretched hand resulting in an unstable elbow fracture dislocation. Closed reduction was performed followed by delayed ORIF (Open(More)
Some pharmacologic effects on bone modeling may not be evident in studies of remodeling skeletons. This study analyzes some effects of olpadronate on cortical bone modeling and post-yield properties in femurs diaphyses (virtually only-modeling bones) of young rats by mid-diaphyseal pQCT scans and bending tests. We studied 20/22 male/female animals traetad(More)
Acute lateral patellar dislocation is relatively common in younger age group and most likely caused by indirect trauma. About 10% of acute patella dislocations are the result of a direct blow to the medial side. We report a case of irreducible lateral patellar dislocation which is of exceptional interest in that lateral patellar dislocation(More)
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