Mahendra Kumar

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With the growing use of wireless networks and mobile devices, we are moving towards an era where location information will be necessary for access control. The use of location information can be used for enhancing the security of an application, and it can also be exploited to launch attacks. For critical applications, such as the military, a formal model(More)
The rapid emergence of GPS enabled devices, sensors and mobile equipment in commercial as well as government organizations has led to considerable research in timeand location-based access control schemes. Location-based access policies enhance the security of an application by restricting access to an object only from specified locations. On the other(More)
Steganography is the art of secret communication between two parties that not only conceals the contents of a message but also its existence. Steganalysis attempts to detect the existence of embedded data in a steganographically altered cover file. Many algorithms have been proposed, but so far each has some weakness that has allowed its effects to be(More)
Recently, works are completely based on the internet, so authentication is required to protect the content of the data because owner never wants to degrade the quality of his data. Information hiding via digital watermarks for the multimedia data is the compatible way to provide the protection of data. Watermarks are imperceptible and it is predefined(More)
An image consists of large data and requires more space in the memory. The large data results in more transmission time from transmitter to receiver. The time consumption can be reduced by using data compression techniques. In this technique, it is possible to eliminate the redundant data contained in an image. The compressed image requires less memory(More)
Computer images consist of large data and hence require more space to store in the memory. The compressed image requires less storing space of memory and less time to transmit. In this paper, feed forward back propagation neural network method with PCA technique is used for image compression. It is found that the results using PCA techniques are not(More)
Availability of high-resolution imagery, such as IKONOS (from Space Imaging Corp), has opened new possibilities for satellite-based mapping. This paper aims to share the practical experience of authors in using IKONOS imagery for mapping application in a production environment. Authors are involved in an IKONOS based land-cover mapping project jointly(More)