Mahendra Kumar Gupta

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— In this paper, a method is proposed to design Lu-enberger type observer for a class of linear descriptor systems satisfying complete detectability condition. The method is based on the properties of restricted system equivalent, derived here from a given descriptor system by means of simple matrix theory. Using restricted system equivalent form,(More)
The distance matrix of a simple graph G is D(G) = (di,j), where di,j is the distance between the ith and jth vertices of G. The greatest eigenvalue λ1 of D(G) is called the distance spectral radius of the graph G and is denoted by λ1(G). A simple connected graph G is called a 2-partite distance regular graph if there exists a partition V1 ∪ V2 of the vertex(More)
Trend analysis can be defined as a process of comparing past business data to identify any significant, consistent results or trends. It is very useful method to understand any business's performance. Successful business trend analysis can take business to the right direction. Film industry is the most important component of Entertainment industry.(More)
The problem of mining high quality frequent substructures from a large collection of semi-structured data has recently attracted a lot of research. There are various efficient algorithms available for discovering frequent substructures in a large structured data, where both of the patterns and the data are modeled by labeled unordered trees. In this paper,(More)
The objective of this study was to estimate the prevalence and related risk factors of nosocomial infection among the patients admitted in various departments of surgical wards. It was a cross-sectional hospital based in which the patients without evidence of initial infection, admitted in the Department of General Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery, King(More)
Introduction Centrifugal castings are usually poured while the mold is spinning; however, for certain applications, particularly in the case of a vertical casting, it is sometimes preferable that the mold be stationary when pouring begins. The centrifugal casting process consists of pouring the molten metal at a suitable temperature into a rapidly rotating(More)
Introduction Demand forecasting involves techniques including both informal methods, such as educated guesses, and quantitative methods, such as the use of historical sales data or current data from test markets. Demand forecasting may be used in making pricing decisions, in assessing future capacity requirements, or in making decisions on whether to enter(More)
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