Mahendra Daya

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Lip reconstruction is best suited to the dictum of replacement of like tissue with like. The use of the remaining lip in the use of the lip reconstruction becomes more difficult as the size of the defect increases. The use of local tissue for subtotal lower lip loss problems like microstomia and facial and commissure distortion are real risks. The use of(More)
Marjolin's ulcer originates in chronic scars and wounds of diverse origin. This relatively rare tumour is most commonly a squamous cell carcinoma. The reason for malignant transformation is not well understood. The burn scar is a common predilection. We present the youngest patient in the literature, a 13-year-old male with a locally advanced squamous cell(More)
  • Mahendra Daya
  • Burns : journal of the International Society for…
  • 2008
BACKGROUND The seven-flap plasty despite its excellent surgical properties in the release of burn contractures is not widely adopted by surgeons. It is likely that the surgeons may have misgivings about its reliability, its ability to release a contracture and the length gain that can be obtained. SUBJECT AND METHODS A sponge model is described to(More)
Giant tumours of the breast cause massive enlargement of the breast resulting in asymmetry. Simple excision of the tumour fails to restore symmetry, and in some cases leaves the patient with a secondary deformity. We present two cases of giant fibroadenoma in adolescent females. Both patients underwent a one-stage excision of the giant fibroadenoma and(More)
The fibula osteoseptocutaneous flap has undergone multiple refinements since its first description in oromandibular reconstruction. There is now a better understanding of the blood supply to the skin of the lateral aspect of the leg. Multiple free skin paddles can be harvested freestyle from the lateral aspect of the leg. The size of the flaps that can be(More)
Amniotic band syndrome (ABS) has an incidence of 1/15,000. Deformities vary from rare but bizarre craniofacial defects or truncal defects to the commoner limb defects. The pathogenesis of ABS remains controversial. The following is a case of a 3-month-old infant with amniotic band syndrome with the typical limb reduction defects, a constriction band on the(More)
The use of Z-plasties in the closure of elliptical or circular defects is not uncommon. We present a patient in whom a double Z-plasty was performed in order to close a sacral pressure sore. The patient returned 21 years later seeking aesthetic improvements of the resultant obliteration of the natal cleft and the soft tissue and skin redundancy in the(More)
  • Mahendra Daya
  • Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic…
  • 2009
BACKGROUND The treatment of nostril stenosis is difficult. The aim is to restore facial profile and balance and an adequate airway that is not prone to restenosis. METHODS Fourteen patients with an age distribution of 18 months to 71 years are presented. The management of the patients involved a surgical release of the nose and creation of a nostril. The(More)