Mahendra C. Mahajan

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Pseudomonas putida CSV86, a soil bacterium, grows on 1- and 2-methylnaphthalene as the sole source of carbon and energy. In order to deduce the pathways for the biodegradation of 1- and 2-methylnaphthalene, metabolites were isolated from the spent medium and purified by thin layer chromatography. Emphasis has been placed on the structural characterisation(More)
We report a case of recurrent chondrosarcoma of the maxilla in a 29 yr old male patient. The lesion presented as a small diffuse swelling on the left maxillary anterior region which had progressed over a period of one year. On aspiration, a chondromyxoid matrix was noted with cells arranged singly or in groups. Bi and tri-nucleation was noted with a(More)
Pseudomonas maltophilia CSV89, a bacterium isolated from soil in our laboratory, grows on 1-naphthoic acid as the sole source of carbon and energy. To elucidate the pathway for degradation of 1-naphthoic acid, the metabolites were isolated from spent medium, purified by TLC, and characterized by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The involvement of(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the polarization colors of collagen fibers of odontogenic keratocyst (OKC), radicular cyst, dentigerous cyst, and adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) with reference to their biological behavior. STUDY DESIGN Twenty cases each of OKC, radicular cyst, dentigerous cyst, and AOT were stained with picrosirius red stain and studied under(More)
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