Mahendra B. Ghat

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The fault-tolerant multilevel converters are gaining increased interests for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) applications due to their ability to suppress the fault current during dc-side faults. However, most of these topologies use full-bridge submodules (FBSMs) resulting in the requirement of a large number of semiconductor switches. In this paper, a(More)
This paper presents the detailed understanding of Modular Multilevel converters for its applications in HVDC and FACTS. Along with this, mathematical model of the converter in state space representation is presented. Scalability and modular nature of this configuration are making it a promising VSI topology in high power applications. To explore its(More)
The hybrid modular multilevel converter with cascaded full bridges (HMMC-CFB) is a recently proposed dc fault tolerant converter topology for high-power applications. It has a director part (DP) consisting of a series of connected half-bridge submodules, and a wave-shaping part (WSP) composed of a series of connected full-bridge submodules (FBSMs). The(More)
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