Maheen Rashid

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This paper deals with automatic Single View Reconstruction (SVR) of multi-planar scenes characterized by a profusion of straight lines and mutually orthogonal line-pairs. We provide a new shape-from-X constraint based on this regularity of angles between line-pairs in man-made scenes. First, we show how the presence of such regular angles can be used for 2D(More)
In this paper, we describe a data-driven approach to leverage repositories of 3D models for scene understanding. Our ability to relate what we see in an image to a large collection of 3D models allows us to transfer information from these models, creating a rich understanding of the scene. We develop a framework for auto-calibrating a camera, rendering 3D(More)
Retrieving videos based on its contents is becoming an increasingly popular area of research, because of enormous growth in the availability of multimedia information on public databases like Google and YouTube. Usually videos contain large variety of data but majority of online videos contain human as a subject of interest. In this paper, a human action(More)
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