Mahdiyeh Esmaeili-Zare

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Mercury selenide (HgSe) nanostructures were synthesized via a sonochemical method based on the reaction between HgCl(2), SeCl(4) and hydrazine hydrate (N(2)H(4)·H(2)O) in water, in presence of various capping agents. The effects of preparation parameters such as: the kind of capping agent and its amount, ultrasonic power, reaction time and temperature were(More)
In this work, zinc chromite (ZnCr2O4) nanostructures have been synthesized through co-precipitation method. The effect of various parameters such as alkaline agent, pH value, and capping agent type was investigated on purity, particle size and morphology of samples. It was found that particle size and morphology of the products could be greatly influenced(More)
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