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Ionization coefficient of monolayer graphene nanoribbon
A semi-analytical model for impact ionization coefficient of graphene nanoribbon (GNR) is presented. The model is derived by calculating probability of electrons reaching ionization threshold energyExpand
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A model for length of saturation velocity region in double-gate Graphene nanoribbon transistors
Abstract Length of saturation region (LVSR) as an important parameter in nanoscale devices, which controls the drain breakdown voltage is in our focus. This paper presents three models for surfaceExpand
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Built-in Self Test Power and Test Time Analysis in On-chip Networks
Testing power dissipation of on-chip networks (NoC) is an interesting topic, which is still unexplored specially analytically. In this paper, a transistor level model is proposed to study the testingExpand
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DLPA: Discrepant Low PDP 8-Bit Adder
This paper presents a new 8-bit adder circuit, called discrepant low PDP 8-bit adder (DLPA) based on three new full adder cells, which have been designed based on requirements of different positionsExpand
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The Effect of Number of Virtual Channels on NoC EDP
Low scalability and power efficiency of the shared bus in SoCs is a motivation to use on chip networks instead of traditional buses. In this paper we have modified the Orion power model to reach anExpand
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Design and Analysis of a Novel Low PDP Full Adder Cell
This paper, presents a new full-swing low power high performance full adder circuit in CMOS technology. It benefits from a full swing XOR-XNOR module with no feedback transistors, which decreasesExpand
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Effect of number of faults on NoC power and performance
According to international technology roadmap for semiconductors (ITRS), before the end of this decade, we will be entering the era of a billion transistors on a single chip. The major threat towardExpand
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Analysis of a Novel Full Adder Designed for Implementing in Carbone nanotube Technology
A novel low power-delay product full adder circuit is presented in this paper. A new approach is used in order to design full-swing full adder with low number of transistors. The proposed full adderExpand
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Graphene nanoribbon field-effect transistor at high bias
Combination of high-mean free path and scaling ability makes graphene nanoribbon (GNR) attractive for application of field-effect transistors and subject of intense research. Here, we study itsExpand
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