Mahdi Zaeifi Yamchi

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We use a combination of analytical theory and molecular dynamics simulation to study the inherent structure landscape of a system of hard spheres confined to narrow cylindrical channels of diameter 1+√[3]/2<H(d)/σ<1+4√[3]/7. The most dense packing is a perfect, symmetrical single helix. The presence of topological defects that change the local chirality of(More)
We study a quasi-one-dimensional system of hard disks confined between hard lines to explore the relationship between the inherent structure landscape, the thermodynamics, and the dynamics of the fluid. The transfer matrix method is used to obtain an exact description of the landscape, equation of state, and provide a mapping of configurations of the(More)
We investigate the effective twoand three-body interactions mediated between non-active colloidal inclusions immersed in an active bath of chiral or non-chiral self-propelled particles (swimmers). We perform Brownian Dynamics simulations within a standard generic model comprising hard disk-shaped inclusions and swimmers in two spatial dimensions. In the(More)
We show that a system of hard disks confined to a narrow channel exhibits a fragile-strong fluid crossover located at the maximum of the isobaric heat capacity and that the relaxation times for different channel widths fall onto a single master curve when rescaled by the relaxation times and temperatures of the crossover. Calculations of the configurational(More)
In biomedical and drug delivery treatments, protein Ca2+-ATPase in the lipid bilayer (plasma) membrane plays a key role by reducing multidrug resistance of the cancerous cells. The lipid bilayer membrane and the protein Ca2+-ATPase were simulated by utilising the Gromacs software and by applying the all-atom/united atom and coarse-grained models. The(More)
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