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BACKGROUND While critical care nurses are vulnerable to burnout because of the complex nature of patients' health problems, working in critical care areas has become even more complicated by shift working schedules. This study aimed to determine the relationship between fixed and rotating shifts and burnout in a sample of critical care nurses working in(More)
BACKGROUND The instability of cardiovascular indices and anxiety disorders are common among patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) and could interfere with their recovery. Therefore, improving the cardiovascular indices and anxiety is essential. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to investigate the effect of music therapy on anxiety and(More)
BACKGROUND Nurses, as health care providers, are insurmountably obliged to the practice of shift work. Literature has reported shift working as one of the inducing factors of burnout. Despite numerous studies in this area, there are inconsistencies on the relationship between shift working and burnout among nurses, especially in those who work in critical(More)
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