Mahdi Sabaghi

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In this known that diode laser diffused wavelength in special temperature, and even current threshold of laser is functional from temperature. For feed-through of solid laser for example Nd:YAG high absorption occurred in 808 nm wavelength among 13.5-14 degree centigrade temperature. Diode current supply is one of the important parts in solid laser under(More)
To solve the problem of segmenting an image into homogeneous regions with large area, this paper proposes an efficient algorithm that is based optimization base on modularity and super pixel method. Due to the fact that a very small areas of the image before segmentation, the proposed algorithm automatically merged with neighboring small areas and to make(More)
In designing a supply chain (SC) system, the problem arises when a company has unsatisfactory inventory control policy and material routing between supplier–producer and distributor in SC considering specified cost and demand. The integration of decisions of different functions into a single optimization model is the base of this research. The aim of this(More)
In this paper, we explore a designing system for intelligent and exact controlling of a laser beam based embedded system. In order to design this system we use a high speed micro controller for controlling mirrors in the way of laser beams. We also use high speed and exact step motors for the rotation of mirrors. As the location of the laser source is(More)
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