Mahdi Naseri

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Rainfall forecasting and approximation of its magnitude have a huge and imperative role in water management and runoff forecasting. The main objective of this paper is to obtain the relationship between rainfall time series achieved from wavelet transform (WT) and moving average (MA) in Klang River basin, Malaysia. For this purpose, the Haar and Dmey WTs(More)
Hydraulic jumps have many uses such as dissipation of energy while water is flowing over spillways, increasing the water surface channels for distribution, chlorinating of wastewater, and many other cases. The length of hydraulic jumps is one of the most important parameters in designing the stilling basin, however, it cannot be calculated by mathematical(More)
Introduction: Many patients in coronary care unit (CCU) suffer from decreased sleep quality caused by environmental and mental factors. This study compared the efficacy of foot reflexology massage, foot bath, and a combination of them on the quality of sleep of patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Methods: This quasi-experimental study was(More)
An explicit calculation of Casimir effect through an alternative approach of field quantization [1, 2], has been presented in this paper. In this method, the auxiliary negative norm states have been utilized, the modes of which do not interact with the physical states or real physical world. Naturally these modes cannot be affected by the physical boundary(More)
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