Mahdi Maaref

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Rehabilitation robots can aid patients to practice activities of daily living in order to enhance muscle strength and recover motor functions. In this paper, we focus on robot-assisted rehabilitation for co-operative therapy tasks that elicit impedance-based behaviors from the patient. For instance, if the rehabilitation robot is controlled to behave as a(More)
In recent years, demand for robot-assisted rehabilitation has increased due to the rising number of elderly and disabled people. Rehabilitation robots help patients to enhance muscle strength and recover motor functions, typically through practicing reaching movements. In this letter, we are interested in robot-assisted rehabilitation not only for simple(More)
In this work, both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) measurements were used in order to better understand the mechanisms of detection of ethanol by sensors based on polycrystalline WO<sub>3 </sub> thin films. Firstly, DC characterizations confirmed that ethanol was oxidized by the oxygen pre-adsorbed on the WO<sub>3</sub> surface. Secondly,(More)
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